Project Description

This project was implemented to improve primary health care and community nutrition using a results-based financing (RBF) approach. The development objective was to increase the utilization of community nutrition and primary maternal and child health services in selected regions of The Gambia. This project targeted women of reproductive age, including adolescents, and children under five. RTA provided survey management solutions to baseline surveys in at least 3 out of 7 regions of Gambia: the Upper River, the Central River and the North Bank West Region. The World Bank team developed an evaluation to assess the impact of the RBF interventions, as well as provide externally valid advice on the feasibility and effectiveness of these approaches to other countries.

RTA’s main tasks:

  • Deployed the rtSurvey system for data collection management and monitoring in The Gambia
  • Designed and tested electronic forms for the project questionnaire
  • Provided training for enumerators on interviewing skills and tablet usage
  • Provided training and support for the World Bank’s project team members on system usage
  • Provided data cleaning regularly through rtSurvey