Project Description

In an attempt to harness the climate change effect on vulnerable groups in developing countries, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) designed a program that provides loans for households in Dong Hoi, Vietnam to build biogas digesters to deal with climate change-related risks. This project aimed to evaluate the impact of increasing the density of eco-toilets and biogas digesters on sanitation, health condition and household incomes in Dong Hoi. A survey was conducted for 1,000 households in Dong Hoi; data collected was used for project impact evaluation.

RTA’s main tasks:

  • Developed and deployed the rtSurvey system, as well as Field Assistant and Base Manager applications and customize to the project
  • Developed electronic forms for questionnaires
  • Tested all questionnaires (form structure, functionality, upload and download functions)
  • Designed sampling and finalized questionnaire
  • Recruited and trained enumerators and field supervisors
  • Implemented and monitored data collection
  • Provided technical systems support during data collection
  • Provided data cleaning support regularly
  • Deliver the final dataset to project leaders