Project Description

Performance-Based Financing (PBF) is a system in healthcare that links payment mechanisms (i.e. “Financing”) to outcomes (i.e. “Performance”). PBF in Africa aims to help increase coverage and improve quality for maternal and child health services. In the Republic of the Congo, PBF began in 2012 and is on the road to cover the entire country. RTA was involved in providing survey management solutions to baseline surveys in 5 departments of the Congo: Cuvette-Ouest, Kouilou, Lekoumou, Likouala, and Sangha. The baseline surveys for households and health facilities aimed to establish health indicators for future impact evaluation of PBF elements in the Congo.

RTA’s main tasks:

  • Developed and deployed the rtSurvey system, as well as Field Assistant and Base Manager applications
  • Designed and tested electronic forms (form structure, functionality, upload and download functions)
  • Trained project staff on use of rtSurvey and Field Assistant
  • Provided technical system support for interviewer manual, training, pilot test phase and during data collection
  • Provided data cleaning support regularly
  • Delivered the final dataset to project leaders