Project Description

M-Score (Mobile Phone Scorecard) is a new platform that allows citizen to provide feedback/ complaints about public services via phone survey (at the first stage). The project started in 2014 with Quang Tri being the first province to implement. During the first stage, the project assesses the quality of the one-stop system applied in administrative procedures. In 2015, M-Score was introduced and implemented in the second province – Quang Binh.

More information about the project can be found here:

RTA’s main tasks:

  • Provide technical consultancy for the project
  • Establish data entry systems for one-stop agency of each districts and project hotline
  • Provide trainings about RTA system for project officers and district
  • Design electronic version for questionnaire and establish Smart Survey for phone surveys
  • Recruit and train enumerators for phone surveys
  • Conduct monthly phone surveys and coordinate with partners in implementing the
  • Analyze data from survey
  • Prepare and launch reports with project partners