Project Description

rtSurvey Offline Features

Wondering how you can make rtSurvey work for you with or without Internet access? Not to worry, rtSurvey has plenty of built-in offline features to aid you in your data collection!

1. Fill in forms offline

Once you download the forms with an Internet connection, you won’t need to stay connected in order to fill out your surveys. Complete your survey as you normally would with an Internet connection and after you submit it, the form will automatically save and store the data in your mobile device. You can view those saved records under the “Send Record” module on the main screen.

2. View documents and notes

The survey admin can assign and send documents, files, images, and videos to users through rtServer. With an Internet connection, the documents will automatically download the files to the app, which you can then access offline at any time.

3. Access real-time maps

Instantly identify your current location when you open up the Map module. Bookmark your location(s), create lists, and download offline maps of other countries or regions. This feature is especially useful when you go “off-the-grid” or to areas without addresses or practical road access.

4. Take notes

You can take quick notes and save them in the “Notes” module of the rtSurvey app. Within each note, you can type text, insert photos (by taking photos with the Camera feature or retrieving a photo from the device’s gallery), and insert drawings. This may be helpful if you want to jot down your thoughts or capture data that isn’t required or requested on forms.

5. Check completed records against QA rules

A unique feature that rtSurvey offers is quality assurance (QA) throughout the data collection process. QA rules can be written in the R programming language on rtSurvey Server and imported into your mobile device.

With your convenience and needs in mind, rtSurvey was designed to help you collect data in all conditions and settings. Whether you have an Internet connection, need to hotspot your data for your colleagues, or have way of connecting to the Internet at all, you will still be able to fill out forms and have your target audience complete surveys through rtSurvey.