Project Description

The Justice Index introduced a new approach to assessing the ongoing legal & judicial reform process. It gave stakeholders a chance to assess and monitor positive changes in law enforcement and rights protection in Viet Nam. The Justice Index is the result of a collaborative effort between the Viet Nam Lawyers’ Association (VLA), the Centre for Community Support Development Studies (CECODES), the Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Associations, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Viet Nam since 2010.

From May 2015 to April 2016, the 2015 JUPI research carried out the methodological approaches set forth. However, to improve the quality of data collection and switch to a real-time monitoring platform, the partners implementing JUPI have decided to move from a paper-based survey to tablet/computer-based survey. Furthermore, a tablet/computer-based survey also allowed for randomization by respondent, which will facilitate the use of experiments with multiple treatments, conjoint analyses of citizens’ preferences over policy issues with multiple dimensions, and contingent valuation exercises, among other quality control benefits.

RTA’s main tasks:

  • Programmed the 2015 JUPI Questionnaire and Interviewers’ Manual for use on tablets/computers
  • Installed and tested the program on tablets
  • Provided a cloud data hub for the data
  • Provided training manuals on tablet/computer-based surveys for use in fieldwork
  • Provided technical trainings for field controllers in Hanoi
  • Provided 24/7 technical support hotline for field survey teams
  • Provided randomized checks on the quality of collected data