Project Description

The Rural Piped Water Connection Project aimed to improve access to clean water supply and encourage the use of clean water through adjusting the water pricing scheme and subsidizing piped water fees for people using water from An Thinh Water Utility in My Huong Commune (Luong Tai District, Bac Ninh Province).

One project activity was conducting census surveys in My Huong Commune, which involved one baseline survey to collect demographic and socio-economic data of households under the water utility’s catchment area and quarterly surveys to monitor changes.

RTA’s main tasks:

  • Designed a Computer-Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) program for tablet-based enumeration and provided technical consultancy for the project
  • Developed the Vietnamese version of survey instruments
  • Designed the training and implementation manuals for enumerators
  • Piloted the survey instruments and implementation; amended instruments and manuals accordingly
  • Recruited and trained survey team (enumerators, supervisors, guides)
  • Established a household listing and validated it against existing lists
  • Conducted quarterly monitoring surveys
  • Delivered dataset and completion report