Project Description

Commercialization of agricultural production and access to markets are vital for smallholders and growth in developing countries. Although positive growth is recorded in market-oriented agricultural regions, social differentiation still occurs and poverty prevails in certain geographically concentrated areas, i.e. in poverty pockets. The study investigated poverty changing dimensions of agricultural growth & diversification process that unfold in the Mekong River Delta (MRD) through conducting surveys for 640 households in 4 MRD provinces. The results supported academic research.

RTA’s main tasks:

  • Conceptualized poverty pockets in agricultural growth regions
  • Theorized relationships between local & global drivers of agricultural growth & poverty pockets development
  • Designed questionnaire & sampling
  • Developed rtSurvey and electronic forms to collect survey data from 640 rural households (in 4 MRD provinces) using tablet survey technology
  • Generated daily reports of survey results from real time data
  • Delivered final dataset and write final reports