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Real-Time Analytics (RTA) began when its founder was the key consultant in one of the largest socio-economic surveys in Vietnam: the Evaluation of P-135: Phase II and Endline Survey. During the survey, he had to deal with arduous and hard-to-reach terrains, as well as extreme pressure to collect survey data in a short period of time. The idea of RTA was born then: to apply innovative tablet technology in field data collection. The tablet-based method, as a result, helped speed up survey efficiency, increase data reliability and reduce data cleaning time. Replacing the traditional paper-based questionnaire with electronic tablets was done for the first time in Vietnam; and ever since, this method has been widely implemented in socio-economic and development research in the country.

RTA was established with the aim of bringing survey technology to the next level and to integrate the technology into market research. The firm provides survey and analytics services for business clients and development partners including NGOs, international organizations and government agencies. At RTA, we strongly believe in the power of high quality data in market and development research. Our goal is to provide the most accurate and comprehensive database as well as cutting edge analysis to help our clients make informed and accurate decision in business strategy and policy formulation. The RTA team is driven by the strong belief that our services and products would bring absolute value to our clients.

Who Is RTA

At RTA, we are always proud to be among the first to innovate the way data is collected and processed to transform your business and project performance. We aim to help clients to make informed and accurate decisions in business strategy and policy formulation. The RTA team is driven by the strong belief that our personalized services and products will bring tangible value to our clients.
Provide the research community and businesses with the most accurate and comprehensive data and information through tablet-based surveys and other data tracking systems.
Provide policy makers and businesses with cutting edge analytics for decision-making processes.
RTA works to bring you a comprehensive yet flexible solution to enhance project and business management. We design and develop business and project management software that helps you handle perfectly the problems with database. Our real-time technology also allows for real-time data collection and analysis, which provide you with the latest information for decision-making process. Our team of experts also provides you with research and consulting service along the way, in hope of sharing the burden in operation with you.

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